for BridgeStone SA
Project Description
SupaCheck was built for Bridgestone SA to replace the old paper system for the purpose of managing of car inspections. This allows them to customize the inspections as well as create their own. Everything is customizable. After each check an optional email is sent with the details of the check. It also sends real-time updates to the client waiting for the inspection to complete. This is achieved without a application but rather by sending an SMS to the customer. The system was designed with data-usage in mind. This means to run this application on a single device takes less than 10MB per month. For the customer the maximum data usage recorded was less than 300KB. That is 0,0002861022949 GB. Numerous reports can be retrieved as well as an executive summary gets sent daily to all the main stakeholders. It also has a marketing section that allows you to send marketing material based on complex algorithms. This way doing targeted- rather than blanket marketing.
Project Details
  • ClientBridgestone SA
  • DateDecember 2016
  • CategoriesTyre Fitment, CMS
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