for Iccommodate SA
Project Description
Iccommodate was built to allow a company to get inventory from a hotel group / chain and resell it completely independant from the hotel group's systems. This allows the integration into any hotel group and makes the entire process seemless inside the system. You can load hotels, rooms, prices linked to dates. You can also load tours and prices. It allows a very simple interface for managing your invoices, comments on payments and actual payments. It also has a direct integration with the iVeri system to facilitate payments, however and payment integration can be done in less than 4 weeks. It also has sales, product and line items reports built in to easily get an overview of the room / bookings. It also manages enquiries from customers.
Project Details
  • ClientIccommodate SA
  • DateJune 2015
  • CategoriesAccommodation, Inventory Management
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