for car dealerships
Project Description
Autolize was originally built for Independant Car Dealerships. It was built in conjunction with new and 2nd-hand car salesman. It has been piloted in 3 different dealerships and proved quite successful. It focuses on a few of the core elements involved in buying a car. Emotion. Buy-in. Ego / Status.
Emotion: It has been proven that when you are buying a car for yourself it is an emotional decision rather than a logical one.
Buy-in: When buying a car usually a spouse or a friend or friends are consulted.
Ego / Status: The majority of people buying more expensive cars do it for status and ego. We address all 3 core elements in the usage of Autolize. The emotion is triggered by the feeling of "belonging" when you walk across the showroom and everyone greets you like they know you. The buy-in is achieved by having photos and videos of the car to take home and show the spouse. The ego / status is triggered with both of the above. Autolize also helps you manage your required stock rather than just buying stock on "gut-feel" It also helps you manage your staff by allowing them to set key performance indicators. The FNI can easily list their prices on the system which makes the "from price" easily accessible Autolize easily integrates into existing systems basing its codes on existing infrastructure
Project Details
  • ClientLiebenberg Auto, Formula Autos
  • DateJune 2016
  • CategoriesCar Sales, Staff Performance
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